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Hoarding Cleanup Portland OR

Hoarding Cleaning Services

hoarding cleanup portland OR

You don’t have to do it on your own. Call Top Tier Cleaning Service for compassionate hoarding cleaning services.

Hoarding is a psychological condition that has enormous impacts on the sufferer and their loved ones. Many people who suffer from a hoarding disorder are unhappy and under severe emotional distress. It can be incredibly difficult for someone suffering from a hoarding disorder to reach out for help. Often, it falls on a person’s loved ones to help address a hoarding situation. When you need a hoarding clean-up service in the Portland metropolitan area, the empathetic and caring team at Top Tier Cleaning Service can help you. We can work with you and your loved ones to put you in charge of the cleaning process while providing sensitive assistance.

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If you’re looking for an empathetic team to help you or a loved one with hoarding clean-up, you don’t have to look any further than Top Tier Cleaning Service in Portland, Oregon. Our team has decades of combined experience when it comes to cleaning properties affected by hoarding disorders. We can help remove hazardous materials and minimize risk when it comes to exposure to certain items, such as feces left by animals or toxic mold left unattended for too long.

When a person suffers from hoarding disorder, it’s essential that they feel support from their communities. That’s why we offer compassionate cleaning services to families affected by these challenging disorders. We understand that there are items that may be important to you, and we can work with you to provide a customized cleaning service that respects your property and belongings.

Hoarder Cleaning Process

junk removal portland oregon

It’s okay if you’re overwhelmed by the effects of hoarding. Call Top Tier Cleaning Service for compassionate help.

When the team at Top Tier Cleaning Service approaches a hoarding clean-up, there are a few things that we make sure to keep in mind:

Cleaning One Area at a Time

We understand that the clean-up and junk removal process can be very distressing for people who suffer from any sort of compulsive disorder. That’s why we clean one area at a time to ensure that you and your family are in control of the process and can keep track of what leaves and what stays on the property.

Arrive Prepared

Due to the stressful nature of hoarding clean-up, we ensure that our company arrives to every job completely prepared. We will have the proper cleaning supplies necessary to approach your specific situation, whether you just need junk removed or need specialized cleaning to remove biohazardous waste.

Deep Cleaning

After we’ve cleared an area, our highly-trained team will ensure that the affected areas get a deep cleaning to ensure a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

Proper Precautions

In some cases, it may be unsafe for you and your loved ones to be present while the team at Top Tier Cleaning Service removes certain hazards such as mold or if they discover structural damage. In these cases, our team will take every precaution necessary to protect both your property and the people in it.

Junk Hauling

In some hoarding clean-up cases, it may be necessary to haul away junk from the property. Top Tier Cleaning Service will be able to handle this for you. Call today to inquire about hoarding clean-up services in the Portland metropolitan area.

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Hoarding Cleaner Near Me


If you’re in the Portland metropolitan area, you can contact Top Tier Cleaning Service for a customized hoarding clean-up service. In addition to hoarding cleaning services, Top Tier Cleaning Service offers property owners the following commercial cleaning services:

  • Office cleaning.
  • Parking lot cleaning.
  • Graffiti Removal.
  • Hospitality Cleaning.
  • And more!

We also offer post-construction cleaning services and can provide customized cleaning plans to commercial property owners throughout the Portland metro area. Call today to get started!