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Post Construction Cleaning Portland OR

Construction Cleaning

post construction cleaning portland or

Hire Top Tier Cleaning Service for a deep clean after your new construction is complete.

Are you planning a new build in the Portland metropolitan area? When the construction crew has left your property, you may be surprised at the debris, dirt, and dust left behind. While this often is the case, you don’t have to do that cleaning on your own. Top Tier Cleaning Service in Portland specializes in professional janitorial services. While most contractors perform some degree of clean-up after finishing construction, you definitely want your new property to shine. For example, did you realize that you should hire a company to clean air ducts after construction to improve indoor air quality and reduce dust buildup from the construction process?

New Construction Cleanup

Building a new property for your business is one of the most exciting times of a person’s career. You should spend this time celebrating your accomplishment and generating ideas to expand your business. Instead of spending time cleaning up your property after new construction, hire the experienced team at Top Tier Cleaning Service to perform post construction cleanup at your property. Not only will your property shine when it’s time for your grand opening, but you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve reduced contaminants for your new employees and customers.

Questions We Will Ask You

When you contact Top Tier Cleaning Service for a post-construction clean-up, we will ask you the following questions to ensure that we meet all of your needs:

  • What type of construction are you having done?
  • Do you want windows cleaned?
  • Are you worried about air quality due to dust build-up?
  • Do you need commercial floor cleaning?
  • Would you like to set up a regular janitorial service?

New Home Construction Cleaning Services

construction deep cleaning portland oregon

When your new commercial construction is complete, you should hire Top Tier Cleaning Service for professional janitorial services.

In addition to commercial construction clean-up services, the team at Top Tier Cleaning Service in Portland provides new home construction cleaning services. Once you’ve built your dream home, you don’t want to spend your time cleaning every nook and cranny before you can move in. Instead, spend your time perfecting your interior design while our experienced cleaning crew cleans and disinfects your new home so that you and your family can settle in! When your renovation or new home is complete, our team can complete the rest of the work. Plan ahead and call us today so that we can schedule any of the following services for your new home:

  • Cleaning light sources.
  • Removing dust from air ducts and air diffusers.
  • Interior and exterior window cleaning.
  • Spot cleaning for walls, glass, dividers, and other surfaces.
  • Damp cleaning to remove dust from floors and other surfaces.
  • Damp cleaning in bathroom and kitchen for sparkling features and fixtures.

Final Construction Cleaning

When your project is complete and the contractors have packed up their tools, it’s time for Top Tier Cleaning Service to make your property shine. In addition to post-construction clean-up services, we offer professional janitorial services to commercial property owners in the Portland metropolitan area. Some of these services include parking lot cleaning, hoarding clean-up, hospitality cleaning, and graffiti removal. No matter what you need, Top Tier Cleaning Service has the cleaning solution to fit your needs and budget. We can accommodate your schedule and ensure that your commercial property is a healthy working environment for all!