What are the Benefits of Office Cleaning in Portland, OR?

1. A Clean Working Environment Makes Happier, Healthier Employees.

There is a strong correlation between cleanliness, productivity, and happiness, which is just as important in the office as it is at home. 

Healthy and clean environments are correlated to lower stress levels. A tidy and clean workplace can greatly make a positive impact on a company’s employees.

Routine office cleaning assists to remove viruses, bacteria and other germs from the workplace, protecting them from infecting others within the office. 

With the current danger of coronavirus (COVID-19), the government encourages employees to grow their cleaning schedules to minimize the risk of infection.

2. A Clean Office Increases Team Productivity.

A clean working environment, free of dirt, dust, and germs, can increase employee productivity!

A clean and tidy working environment can act as a relaxer to employees and can inspire employees to be more productive. The happier and more comfortable employees are at their work, the more productive they will be!

3. A Clean Office Makes for a Proud Crew.

Having a clean office is attached to creating a sense of satisfaction for employees and positively affecting their attitude to the workplace.

Moreover, bosses who look after their employees by having their workplace clean and clear from germs can be repaid in loyalty and commitment.

This sense of fulfillment will also be observable in their work quality and work ethic, boosting productivity and overall workplace happiness.

4. A Clean and Tidy Office Generates a Great First Impression!

If any boss ever hosts any external guests to their office, the environment must be clean and tidy. 

Whether it’s clients, investors, or contractors visiting, it’s great to make a great impression from the first moment they walk through the office’s door.

Having a clean and tidy office reflects an idea about the boss and their employees’ work. 

It shows that they care about their working environment and the team’s health. 

It also shows sincerity and a sense of responsibility that will invest faith in the work done.

5. A Clean Office Protects Valuable Assets and Conserves Money

Indeed, any office is filled with valuable assets susceptible to wear in a dirty and dusty environment. 

Grime and dust can damage more than employees’ health. And, if a business owner is responsible for improvements, poor cleaning routines can cost them more in the long term.

A dirty and untidy workspace might be the reason for losing these documents. 

By hiring an office cleaning service, a company investing in their business and employees.

If not, bosses must ensure that the staff uses the appropriate vacuums and floor cleaning equipment. 

In fact, there is a lot of work for employees to do, and the last thing they want to do is office cleaning!!

The cost of making the staff perform office cleaning may be more expensive than owners might realize!

6. Cleaning Companies Understand OSHA Compliance and Other Liability Issues.

Any boss and crew can probably buy the same equipment and supplies a professional office cleaning company utilizes. 

If they do that, they must know what chemicals to use for different cleaning duties, understand OSHA regulations, and safely handle and operate the equipment and cleaning supplies they have purchased. 

By hiring professionals, businesses don’t have to worry about anything. The cleaning company will handle everything.

7. A Clean Office Frees Up Time

By hiring a professional cleaning company, business owners and employees can focus on other more important tasks that will positively impact the business.

Some Mistakes to Avoid in Office Cleaning:

  1. Neglecting the Hot Spots
  2. Scrubbing the Carpet
  3. Cleaning Visible Areas Only
  4. Not Emptying the Bin 

All Offices Deserve Top Tier Cleaning Services!

At Top Tier Cleaning, their staff has decades of combined experience serving commercial facilities in the Portland metropolitan area with professional janitorial services. Keeping any property clean is essential to maintaining a productive workspace for employees or tenants. A full-time in-house cleaning staff, however, is expensive. At Top Tier Cleaning, they take the time to understand the facility and needs, including the budget, to come up with a customized cleaning plan that will accommodate people and their teams. Their customers often include business owners and property owners of the following:

  1. Medical offices.
  2. Dental offices.
  3. Commercial spaces.
  4. Urgent care clinics.
  5. Large commercial buildings.
  6. Retail spaces.
  7. And more!